He is the grumpy old man behind Fast Trim Systems.

Kyle recently found a new hobby, 3D Printing. Over the course of several months, he began to experiment with new ways to use his new skill and began to assemble a small army of 3D printers.  



Machines purchased at hartsmartproducts.com 

 One night, the idea for a better way to do door trim came to him, and he began modeling parts, running his army of printers at all hours of the night and making revision after revision until finally, a faster, seamless system for installing door trim was born. 





 Next, he decided to do something special.




See, Kyle was already successful at this point, so rather than profit further off of his new invention, he decided to set up a program in which a significant portion of all profits generated from the sale of FTS products would be given back to causes within the local communities in which we do business. Each member of our team is responsible for deciding where a portion of our sales goes and are invested personally in the causes we promote. 

Over the last year, a small team of friends and family members have come together to rally around this awesome new way to install custom door trim. Together we built this company from just a guy with an idea and a 3D Printer.