Right from the start, we set a goal to give back.

We decided that 30 percent of all profits generated from the sale of our products would go right back into the communities that support us.

But we didn't just want to dump money blindly into large not-for-profits.

Instead, we got to work, talking to our team and finding programs that each of us are individually invested in. Today, we currently work with several small charities in the Syracuse, Nashville, and Colorado Springs areas.



Rob, our sales director in Colorado Springs, is a retired Military officer, and after spending the majority of his life working alongside our nation's bravest, he decided to work together with the local Colorado Springs Wounded Warrior project.



Logan, our head of marketing, has had first hand experience in the prison system and has partnered up with The Sentencing Project to help eliminate extreme sentences for youth offenders and help to find a more just and safe process for rehabilitating first-time offenders and those caught in 3-Strike Felony cases.

Logan also started a program that works with boys 18-21 in a residential rehabilitation setting that allows them to write and record their own music in a safe space, helping them to work through their problems through self-expression. 



Liam is our head of sales for the Nashville and greater Tennessee area. He is passionate about...



Over in New England, George...